On Saving the World

Burning the candle at both ends.
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One problem with the massive amounts of information, news, and advertisements crossing our threshold is the overwhelming number of people, animals, places, and things in need of our help.

Some day’s it’s simply heartbreaking.

The message is “You can help! Please help!”

Over, and over, and over again.

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On Listening

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I was watching a TikTok the other day where the person was summarizing something like the top 5 complaints women have of men. (I’m remembering poorly and paraphrasing to boot, but unfortunately TikTok makes it very difficult to go back to what you’ve viewed in the past.)

One item is something I’ve heard before, and thought on a great deal.

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On Saying Yes

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We say no too often.

Particularly after a lifetime of experience makes us cynical, it’s simply too easy to say no to new things and new experiences. Even familiar activities result in a “no” because they take us out of our increasingly sedentary comfort zone.

I’d rather stay home. I’d rather not drive. I’d rather watch TV. I’d rather be passive.

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On Being Offended

Offended Eggs
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Being offended is a choice.

Offense is taken, never given.

Oh, someone might try very hard to offend you, but actually being offended is your reaction. It’s not something foisted on you by someone else. It’s a choice.

Make better choices.

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On Reading

Kindle e-reader
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ABR: always be reading.

This is something that’s been really difficult for me to stick to, and I know why. I suspect it’s a common problem.

It’s never been easier to always have a book with you. If you have a smartphone, you have a platform on which you can run Kindle or other ebook applications. You can always have a book, or thousands of books, with you, ready to read at a moment’s notice.

So why don’t we do it?

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On Today and Tomorrow

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Live for today — tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Don’t squander what you have, save for tomorrow.

Well, which is it?

As with so many things, it’s neither one nor the other.

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On Money

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Money is the root of all evil.

Uh, no, the lust for money is. The Bible is often misquoted. (See 1 Timothy 6:10)

Money can’t buy happiness.

Perhaps, but lack of it can certainly lead to unhappiness.

There are many pithy sayings about money. The problem is that for many people, that’s the extent of their understanding of how money works, and how to manage it properly.

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On Work

Work Life Balance
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This probably seems odd from someone who “works” as much as I do, but … work isn’t everything.

It’s also not nothing.

As with everything, it’s not black and white.

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On Judging

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It amazes me how much casual conversation, and of course gossip, is about judging the people around us. Be it celebrities, neighbors, friends, or others, we have a pre-occupation with forming, and then sharing, opinions about their behaviour.


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On Shit

Poop. It happens.
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This ties in with my thoughts on life not being fair, but the fact of the matter is random stuff happens to us all. Without warning, without cause, without rhyme or reason.

Shit. Just. Happens.

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On The Fairness of Life

Scales of Justice
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Life isn’t fair. Get used to it.

It just isn’t. Fairness was never promised. It’s not part of nature. It’s just not a thing.

And yet from the cries of a two-year-old, to the laws put into place by governments and other organizations, what is it we look for?

Fairness. Again and again.

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On The Struggles of Others

Sitting on the dock.
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There are several pithy aphorisms floating around the internet these days. Motivational sayings, aspirational reminders, pithy invitations to become a better person, that kind of thing. Most are like candy — short, sweet, but with little value.

There’s one, though, I find an important reminder.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

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On Marriage

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I am supremely fortunate to be married to a wonderful woman I love, and who at least tolerates my quirks and habits and supports me in my various endeavors. As I write this, we’ve been married for 42 years (Groundhog Day, 1980, for those keeping score).

As I said, I’m an extremely lucky man.

And yet, I’m of a mixed mind on marriage.

Hear me out.

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On Helping

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It’s a common platitude: help others.

In fact, it’s common enough that it also gets dismissed out of hand.

Don’t dismiss it.

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On Friends

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Perhaps this doesn’t apply to everyone. Perhaps the extroverts, or some other personality types “get” this natively, but it’s something I wished I’d pay more attention to.

Treasure your friends.

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On Answers

Questions? Answers?
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This thought relates to the previous one on easy answers. So many want easy yes/no answers to complex problems. It ain’t gonna happen.

But it gets worse.

There are things that are unanswerable, easy or otherwise.

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On Easy Answers

Easy Button
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We’re lazy.

It makes sense when you think about it from an evolutionary perspective. Conservation of energy is incredibly important when food sources — sources of energy — were in short supply, or their availability wasn’t guaranteed.

Better to do less, to need less, just in case you had less.

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On Making

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I wish more people would make things.

By “make things” I mean pretty much anything. Writing, crafting, constructing, welding, coding … whatever.

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On Opinions

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Particularly with the rise of social media, it seems to have become our job to have an opinion about absolutely everything.

From the latest celebrity gossip to political scandals to neighborhood complaints, we’re all encouraged to “Like” or comment and otherwise share how we feel about the situation.

It’s almost a requirement. If you don’t have an opinion, apparently you’re not paying attention! How awful!

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