On Consequences

The Mallet of Consequences
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Having the freedom to do something does not exempt you from the consequences of doing it.

Having the right to do something doesn’t exempt you either.

Individuals and groups often argue for the freedom or right to do something without wanting to concern themselves with the consequences. They might even think that having the right somehow gives them a pass.


Understanding possible consequences requires long-term and critical thinking. Both seem rare in our short attention span, “buy it now” society.

Nowhere is this clearer than in politics.

A combination of lack of impulse control, the need to show superiority, and the need to virtue-signal adherence to a particular set of values, combine to cause individuals to say and do things they might never consider, had they thought about it more fully.

They then come to find that there can be consequences.

You have the right to spew hate-filled opinions. One consequence is that others may no longer want to associate with you.

You have the right to use your platform or business to support causes you care about. Those who disagree may choose to avoid your platform or business.

You have the right to live your life however you see fit, within the bounds of morality and the law. And yet, even within those boundaries, there may be consequences.

Right or wrong, society will judge, and having judged, impose consequences, such as avoidance, opposition, or even ostracization.

Notice the people and the world around you. “Read the room.” And then make thoughtful, reasoned choices based on your values, rights, responsibilities, and willingness to accept the consequences.

But don’t be surprised that there may be consequences.

They’re part of the deal.

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  1. Thank you, Leo. You hit the nail on the head perfectly. Your message on responsibility was also so perfect and true! thank you for being a voice of reason!

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