Introduction: 65 Thoughts


65 is one of those round-but-not-round numbers when applied to age. I’m going to use it as an artificial milestone, and as an excuse kick off my little thought exercise.

65 thoughts exercise, actually. The first one, tomorrow. (Not that this isn’t a thought, but … you know.)

Formerly a traditional retirement age, and in the US the age at which we’re eligible for “full” social security payments (which, itself, is a misnomer, since we’ll get even more if we wait until 72), it’s a milestone most will acknowledge in some way.

My goal here is mostly personal; to capture some ideas, to clarify my thinking, to write them down, and then share them. Most look like they’ll be short, around 300 words or so. Whether they’re significant or even attention-worthy remains to be seen. I expect some will come across as “half-baked.”

They are what they are.

To the extent this project has goals related to you, it would be to support you if you agree with me, and to challenge you if you don’t.

Above all, my goal is to get you to think.

And then perhaps share your own thoughts with the wider world.


2 thoughts on “Introduction: 65 Thoughts”

  1. Being a catalyst for ideas is always a valuable service, Leo. As you say, writing things down clarifies one’s thinking and may prove to do the same for others. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to share.

  2. Leo,
    I don’t know you and have not met you. But reading your tech newsletter for many years, I feel that you are an honest, sincere, caring and kind individual. I look forward to your insight, experience and wisdom in your 65 thoughts project. Happy Trails, Tony

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