Things are About to Get Busy Around Here

Again and again and again

Fair warning, my personal blog is about to get busy. Beginning July 6 there’ll be a daily post, and a daily email for those subscribed to the notifications, at least through September 10.

Here’s what’s going on…

Fifteen years ago, on my 50th birthday, I shared some of my beliefs. It’s been interesting to see how some have changed in the intervening years.

Five years ago, leading up to my 60th birthday, I ran “60 Days of Gratitude“.

As I approach 65 this year, I’ll be diving into “65 Thoughts”.

They’ll be a combination of lessons learned, advice I’d share, things I wish I’d known earlier, things I wish I’d done differently, and additional random musings collected so far.

I won’t claim they’re earth-shattering, deep, or even particularly insightful.

They’re just … thoughts. Excursions into my brain. Ideas that have been rattling arround, looking for a way out.

65 of them.

One a day, starting on July 6, and at least through my birthday on September 10.

If that sounds daunting, and you’re getting this by email, you can unsubscribe. I don’t want my little exercise to annoy you.

If it sounds interesting, well then perhaps you would like to get them daily, by email. Just use the subscribe form at the bottom of the page.

Hope to see you in a week.

7 thoughts on “Things are About to Get Busy Around Here”

  1. Began with the Commodore 64 and Windows 95, still going at 83 with Windows 10 Pro and Home. Enjoy your posts and comments, am interested in your upcoming 65 Thoughts.

  2. Hi Leo,

    Greetings from a former Woodinville, WA resident now living in Ecuador. First, you have educated and trained me for years now. Your clear explanations, the whys, and hows have saved me many times. Thank you so much.

    I have no doubt your personal observations will be very helpful also. So please, sign me up.

  3. Thanks for this invite. I have enjoyed most of what you’ve written, in a book or on the screen. I will appreciate knowing you better for 65 days. God bless you,

  4. Prepare for the deluge of mail offering “the best” Medicare advice. My advice is to find an independent health insurance broker who can easily compare all plans available in your area. (The information available online is sufficiently vague.)

  5. I’m 88 now and started with a PDP-11 – NOT for internet but to program a Gerber Plotter for NASA _ Those were the days…
    Have depended on your sage advice and know-how for years. Thanks for being there.

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