Requiem for a Once Great Nation

A Once Bright Light

To my foreign family and friends.

No, I can’t explain it.

The US was once the land of opportunity and freedom. Now it seems the home for hypocrisy and hate.

We care more for our guns than our children.

We tell people there’s a wrong way to love while engaging in uncountable ways to hate.

We care more for the unborn than the born.

We care more for opinions and beliefs than objective truth.

We care more about our “freedom” than our community’s health.

We allow opinions to be manipulated by corporations and industry to serve their bottom lines, not the common good.

We empower narcissistic hypocrites because they tell us what we want to hear, instead of being capable leaders.

We might think we’re in a democracy or a republic or a representative democracy, but the vote count need not determine the winner, and those who supposedly represent us are in the pockets of the powerful trying to expand their reach.

We supposedly believe in a separation of church and state, and yet every day we move closer to being an unapologetic theocracy.

We believe in free speech, unless you say the wrong thing.

We have lost our empathy.

Hypocrisy runs rampant.

I cannot explain it.

There are good people here. People who do not believe in what I’ve written above. People who stand against what The United States seems to be becoming. People who are loving and kind and honest.

People who are tired, and frustrated, and angry.

I’m generally a positive and hopeful person. I really am.

But not today. Today I despair. I despair for the country, but I despair most for those without the privilege I’ve been afforded. If I despair, I simply can’t imagine what those truly affected must be going through.

I hope tomorrow will be better.

I hope.