On Change

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One reason I love my career / hobby / avocation is because it’s constantly changing.

We can say the same about life, of course. Unfortunately, this makes many people uncomfortable.

Embracing change is one of the single most impactful things you can do to improve your satisfaction in life. I’ve written about it before.

The embrace doesn’t have to be as tight as my own. Perhaps a loose hug will do. If it helps, consider it “accepting” of change, rather than actively embracing it.

Though I believe the stronger the embrace, the happier you’ll be.

Consider the alternative: actively resisting change.

You’re doomed. It’s that simple. You’ll be miserable.

Change happens whether or not you like it. Everything changes.

The only unchanging thing about our universe is change itself. Be it technology, the weather, our age, our abilities, our circumstances, or even the eventual death of our solar system and the universe itself, change is constant and unstoppable.

At best, you might slow it down, but even that’s an exercise in frustration because eventually it’ll win. Change always wins.

Choosing to resist change will only make it harder on yourself.

Accepting it replaces the frustration of resistance with equanimity.

Embracing it replaces the frustration with excitement and even joy.

Embracing change is an attitude that has unexpected side effects.

Given the same computer, situation, and problem, the person who is frustrated by the changes that he or she sees as being foisted upon them has a much more difficult time using their machines and resolving problems. The only difference is that attitude they bring to the table. (via Embracing the Most Important Attitude – Ask Leo!)

When I die, I’ll be grateful for all the things I’ve seen, of course. But I expect my largest regret will be all the changes I’ll miss. All the things the future beyond my lifespan holds.

Death, of course, is change as well. And just as unstoppable.

You can’t control change, but you can choose your response.

Choose to embrace it, or at least accept it.

You’ll lead a happier life.

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  1. Thank you for these very valuable thoughts, Leo !
    Many have already changed my way of thinking – for the better, I believe.
    Best Wishes !

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