You Are Entitled to Your Opinion

But not absolution from the consequences

Shouting into a bullhorn

We often hear people complaining they’re being discriminated against, losing friends and acquaintances, and even being “cancelled” because of the opinions and beliefs they hold and express, or the practices they engage in. Somehow they seem to feel that they should be able to hold, express and practice without consequence.

Because, of course, they believe their position is correct. As the One True Answer, it should obviously be honored and respected. Not to do so is, itself, disrespectful.

That’s not how it works.

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On Cancel Culture


This is one I struggle with. Does someone turning out to be a bad person invalidate their unrelated prior work?

“Cancel culture” might say yes.

And yet, there are many instances where the prior work was so significant that the individual was given a pass.

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