Puppy Kiss

Midge's Kiss

The various photo-sharing sites I use don’t support animated GIF files, but this was too cute not to share: More from our visit to the breeder here.

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The Purse

Washington Incident Management Team

The address on the driver’s license made it pretty clear: the home of the woman pictured no longer existed. I’d volunteered to spend a day at the Oso slide area working on what was called “property reunification” – essentially bagging and tagging items that the search and rescue crews had recovered and identified as potentially […]

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Veterans Day Thoughts

Poppy Field

Veterans day has always made me a little uneasy. It wasn’t until recently that I finally put my finger on it.

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10th Anniversary Randomness

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Ask Leo! What a long, strange, trip it’s been. Made stranger by some of the questions I get. ūüôā Here’s this year’s collection of the odd, the strange, the goofy … the “WTF?” questions I regularly get, exactly as they were asked – and the answers I’d love to […]

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The Accident

Kathy's Car - December 13, 1985

I recently stumbled upon pictures associated with one of our “life stories” that we tell folks about from time to time. This is the story “the accident”, which was no accident at all.

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It’s the Thought that Counts

It's the thought that counts

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen reports of another celebrity scandal where some high profile individual is losing their business, their connections and basically their reputation because of some words that they’ve used in the past. As I’ve discussed before, we give bad words too much power. Heck, we give mildly offensive words too […]

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Teach Your Children Well

(I posted this on Facebook the other day, but wanted to preserve it here as well…) Sometimes I can’t not say something. I’m generally a very positive person, but sometimes various corners of humanity disgust me.

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Words like courage and leadership and inspiration are hard¬†to define and quantify, yet we know each when we see¬†examples around us. Sometimes it seems that as a culture¬†we perhaps use them a little too often and by doing so¬†devalue their use when they’re more truly appropriate.

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On Gratitude, and Worry

My Mom & Oscar

10 years ago this morning my mom died. This morning as I was meditating – sitting outside listening to the plethora of different birds that populate our area, feeling the light breeze on my face and the warmth of the morning sun – I was filled with a deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude for where […]

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How it began … and ended

Initial Inquirey

At the risk of assuming anyone actually cares, here’s a peek into: How it all began… From late 1979 to 1983 I was working for a small company in Seattle writing software for a Z-80 based data entry terminal, and eventually a CP/M based computer. The problem was that they were small….and getting smaller. They […]

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Preparing for “the big one”

Woodinville ESCA EOC Team

On Saturday (April 27) I participated in an exercise¬†with the local RACES arm of ESCA – the Emergency services¬†organization for which I volunteer my amateur radio¬†“skills”. The point of this exercise was to simulate a major event¬†that rendered our EOCs (Emergency Operations Centers)¬†inaccessible, and to then pass message traffic from CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) […]

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I have to do WHAT to replace the battery?

Battery in Holder

A friend gave me an older Kenwood TM-701A mobile unit that had been sitting around unused for many years. I’d been looking for a second unit to leave at home so I wouldn’ t need to swap out my Yaesu from the car as often, and it seemed like a perfect fit. Worked great, except […]

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My Reading List

While on my sabbatical I did a lot of reading. Some targeted at the sabbatical proper, some leisure reading, and some that fell somewhere in between. These are the two that when I described my sabbatical to some friends were the ones that I took the time to call out as having had special impact. […]

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What Language!

Some years ago I was chastised by a reader for using the word “sucks”, as in “networking sucks”. He took pains to point out that its origins were pornographic …

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A Big What and a Little Why become What I Do

Your Destination?

As I’ve mentioned before I don’t have a specific “Big Why” that drives me. There’s no tangible goal I’m driven to accomplish with my life, no dream that I’m aware of that I’m heading towards. Rather, I’ve identified what I’ve come to call my “Big What” – the characteristics of how I want to live, […]

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Why Technology Excites Me

Not Leo :-)

In my recent sabbatical/reboot I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is I want to do, and why I want to do it. What I enjoy doing is actually pretty simple: playing with technology. As I once put it long ago, I enjoy making personal computers and related technologies “dance”. […]

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Base Race

Grade 7 Class Photo

St. Benedict’s Seattle, Grade 7 Class Photo circa 1969 (I’m in the middle row, 4th from right.) Looking back I think it was in 7th grade that I got my first clear indication of what my future career might become. We were being taught about number bases. Because we have 10 fingers our numbering system […]

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On Dreams, Goals, the Big Why … and Serendipity

The Road Ahead

As part of my two month sabbatical this year I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’m headed. I’ve jokingly referred to this as figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, because in many ways I’m so very fortunate to have such a large palette of possibilities to choose from. It’s […]

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Toyota Sequoia Radio Installation

I drive a 2010 Toyota Sequoia that we got for towing our 26′ travel trailer. Not long after I got my ham license I decided that the thing to do was to put a mobile radio in it. I did a fair amount of research beforehand, and what follows is what I ended up doing. […]

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How fast is Netflix? No, not streaming, I mean the DVD service.

A recent post on the (wonderful) “What If?” website entitled FedEx Bandwidth got me to thinking about a calculation I did some time ago, that for the life of me I can’t find, so I’ll have to re-generate. What’s the equivalent download bandwidth of a Netflix DVD subscription? You know, the option Netflix actually started […]

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