Little Leo

I finally got around to having a couple of old movies digitized. Yikes. Smile

These are 8mm (not Super-8) films that were taken when I was about one year old, which would put them around late 1958.

It shows my parents taking me to Buchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. (I believe — it could also be Beacon Hill Park, but seems more crowded and busy than a park would be). Even then I seem to have a “thing” for cameras, as I keep walking towards it. I believe the cameraman to be Gert Saelens — a friend of my parents.

This one was shot indoors at home. I believe it’s at the Sparton Rd. home (where were were living when I was born), but it’s also possible this is at one of several places we lived thereafter before moving to the U.S. when I was three.

Everyone has video of the kids these days, I’m very fortunate to have this little personal relic. It’s not at all common for that long ago.

Kudos to Cinepost for the fine digital transfer.

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  1. You already look like a little entrepreneur 🙂
    What I treasure to have these films!
    And the quality is very good.

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