An Abundance Of Information and Opportunity

We have, today, available at our fingertips a wealth of knowledge that was unthinkable just a few decades ago. While it’s not exactly as he originally envisioned it, Bill Gates’ “Information At Your Fingertips” has come to pass in ways that most of us would never have considered 20 years ago. And yet we take […]

It’s Good to be A Geek

It’s something I’ve said on many occasions: it’s good to be a geek. It’s good to be comfortable with and somewhat knowledgeable about technology. It opens doors, makes classes of problems not problems at all, and just generally makes my life more interesting and fun. It’s also what allows me to help others; from Ask […]


In 2001 I was invited to join a mastermind group of online internet entrepreneurs. Doing so changed my life.


I chose good parents. While there are a lot of things we can, and often should, do to keep ourselves healthy and long-lived, there are two that are major influences that are completely out of our control: genetics and random chance. I keep seeing reports that some are starting to believe that it’s chance — […]

Power of Attorney

One of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me was power of attorney. I know, it doesn’t sound particularly romantic, or fun, or even special, but I can tell you that it was incredibly pragmatic and saved me no end of trouble when I finally needed it.


Money can be complicated.


The older  get the more I come to realize that education isn’t a state, it’s a process. You’re never done; it’s a life-long process. I believe that many people — perhaps even most — take their education for granted, and as a result fail to take advantage of the many opportunities available. Certainly those who […]

English as a Second Language

English is not my first language. I love to tell people that for two reasons: it’s absolutely true, and most would never guess. Naturally, there’s a story.


Our neighbor had … issues. That’s really the only way to put it. It was our first home, back in Mountlake Terrace in the early 1980’s. We’d occasionally hear her holding what I can only describe as on-person religious revivals in her back yard. She accused us of somehow influencing our cats, as well as […]


I’ve talked about our breeder, now it’s time to talk about something else Corgi-related: the community. Yes, there’s a “Corgi community”, and it’s pretty darned cool.


One of the very major changes in recent years has nothing to do with the speed of technology, or even the its vast improvements in capability or power. Yet one, single aspect of technological change in recent years has impacted me more than any other.

Growing Up Together

On October 7, 1977 I met Kathy. We’d been “set up” by my roommate a the time and his fiance — they had decided we should meet. The rest, as they say, is history.

Just Showing Up

Good help is hard to find. I think we’ve all heard that, if not said that, particularly if you’re a homeowner. One of the themes of our home ownership, however, goes a tad more basic than even that. Even good help can be no help at all, if they don’t show up.

In The Company Of Dogs

We were looking for a dog. What we found was a life-long friend.

Meditation Mediation

I plan to share my “path to meditation” sometime in the future. It’s the path that lead the skeptical, pragmatic, logical, rational, engineer that I am to embrace meditation as a daily habit. It’s been useful, and I’ve been doing for some years now. But it dawned on me that I owe a debt of […]

That’s Challenging

Lunch with a friend resulted in a realization of the nature of certain friendships, and something to be grateful for.

Engineering 141

I had no idea where I was headed, career-wise, until serendipity and college pre-requisites entered the picture.


I lost some weight. Apparently that had ramifications.

Private Audience

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I gave a friend a ride into Seattle for an orientation meeting for a new job. While that meeting happened I hung out near the Starbucks in the lobby. Eventually, though, I moved outside. The weather was beautiful, there were tables available, and it just seemed like a […]

The Masks We Wear

We all wear masks as we interact with others. On one hand we might consider being anything other than our completely authentic true self as somehow deceitful or incongruous, but the masks serve an important purpose. We use masks to protect the relationships we value.