The Lesser of Two Evils?

It’d be easy to sit back after this election cycle and honestly wonder what happened to humanity.

Why I Donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation

In light of current events I’ve elected to increase my support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Our Precious Ideas

Our ideas are precious, especially to ourselves. However it is that we arrive at them, we come to believe that they have immense value – so much so that we often consider them more than mere ideas or opinions, but elevate them to “The Truth”. Our ideas make the leap from opinion to fact.

Is There … Hope?

Hope is not binary. Hope is not all-or-nothing. And it’s possible that if we pay attention to certain things, there may be somewhat more hope than we thought.

Placing Blame

The difference between assigning blame, and assigning responsibility.

Be The Change…

I’m dumbfounded. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed. My reflections on the 2016 election results.

Strategy, Tactics, and … Something Else?

Strategy, Tactics, and … “The Machine”

Focus, Focus, … SQUIRREL!

Focus is getting harder to attain. And it’s our own fault.

Ask the Question and the Answer Will Appear

This happens to me so often accidentally that I’m starting to think I should do it on purpose. This morning I had a problem with one of the online services I use. It’s in an area that has been problematic for me before, so after checking that things were as they should be, I began […]

Do The Work

So many products aimed at entrepreneurs are designed to fix the wrong side 80/20 rule.

Goal Setting – or not

Many people have goals. And then there’s the rest of us.

On Writing Better

A couple of items from my life come together to inspire improvement. I hope.

We Want Knowledge

Sometimes the most important question to answer for others is “why”.

It’s Not A War On Truth

It’s not a war on truth. It’s a war on sometime even more important….

Deep Thought

I sometimes wonder if we’re becoming less and less capable of what I’ll call deep thought. And by “we” of course I mean “I”.

We Are All SO Different

I often like to tell people that I love my coffee but that I can stop any time … because I’ve done it before. Some years ago I elected to try reducing my coffee intake to zero, and did so cold-turkey. What amazes most people is that I did not experience headaches as a result. […]

Thick Skin Required

Had someone call me an idiot and a moron yesterday for my Galaxy Note 7 piece. (Don’t look for it in the comments, it was an emailed reply.) Apparently he had a beef with Samsung. Whatever.

Why Public?

One of the first questions I asked myself about doing this whole daily thing is “why make it public”? Why am I doing this on a public blog where anyone can come along and read … and judge? Because of course judge, they will. A couple of reasons came to mind.

An Exercise in Focus, Writing, and Gratitude

In 321 days I’ll turn 60. One of those arbitrary, round-number birthdays (though a friend often argues our “real” birthday’s are 280 days earlier). Nine years ago I did a “what I believe” post on my 50th, and I kind of expect to do the same again. Between then and now I want to model one […]