Goal Setting – or not

I watched a TEDx video the other day (Risk Forward: the Rewards of Not Knowing | Victoria Labalme | TEDxSantaBarbara) where the speaker began, in essence, “there are people who set goals, plan for them, work towards them … this talk is for the rest of us”. I forget how I stumbled into this video – I think someone had mentioned it or the speaker somewhere – I’ve since lost track.

Now, I can’t say that I don’t have goals, but I can tell you I have no idea what I expect to be in 5 years (one of the classic goal-setting questions).

But I did come up with something that might … just might … sum up what I want my life to be.

As part of watching that talk, I came away with these not-really-goals for my life:

  • Have an interesting life.
  • Help people along the way.
  • Have fun doing it.

See what life brings. Help others through it. Enjoy the time you have.

At some point that resonated with me and is worthy of more reflection.