We Are All SO Different

I often like to tell people that I love my coffee but that I can stop any time … because I’ve done it before.

Some years ago I elected to try reducing my coffee intake to zero, and did so cold-turkey. What amazes most people is that I did not experience headaches as a result. Honestly, it was more of an “oh well” experience. (And, for the record, I tend to drink strong, caffeinated coffee). Similarly I’ve been known to have a cup of said strong brew … and then take a nap.

Personally I’m convinced there’s a genetic component (which I probably got from my dad – an avid coffee drinker, and napper), but regardless of the reason it another example¬†that we are all different in our own different ways and for a myriad of different reasons. And we’re often different in ways that we might not expect.

And yet we expect people to be like us.

At the extreme we’re only comfortable around people who are like us.

And yet from the smallest behaviour to the largest forms of appearance, no two of us are alike.

So don’t think I’m odd because I can drink a quad-grande-americano and take a nap, and you can’t. We’re just different from one another, is all.