This was never the goal….

This was never the goal, but when it became clear that it was within reach, it became a “stretch goal”. I wanted to be able to say I’d lost 70lbs. 256 to 186. Over a quarter of my max body weight. It’s interesting – there have been several stops along the way on this journey. […]

I waited a year to take this screen shot….

One year ago I made a decision. A decision to do something that, in the past, I truly believed was impossible for me to do. And yet here I am.

The 80% Solution

People who’ve lost weight love to tell their story. I’m no different. Rather than foist it on you again and again, here it is – what I did on my summer vacation.

The Purse

The address on the driver’s license made it pretty clear: the home of the woman pictured no longer existed. I’d volunteered to spend a day at the Oso slide area working on what was called “property reunification” – essentially bagging and tagging items that the search and rescue crews had recovered and identified as potentially […]