Every Day is Boxing Day

There are no liberals. There are no conservatives. There are only people.


“…we would run, and maybe die trying to escape, or we could stay and almost certainly die…”

Going Meta

Daily exercise is important. In my case, it’s about exercising and growing my skills.

Splitting the Bill

At the end of a enjoyable meal with friends or colleagues comes the moment of truth: how to split the bill.

Surprise! It Worked!

Why do we get excited when something works as intended?

Understanding – Who’s Job Is It?

If “they” don’t understand you, then who’s problem is it … really?

Roadside Service

Sometimes helping means sitting in the sun alongside a busy highway, baby-sitting a broken down rental truck.

Everything is Recycled

Ideas are only the combination of things which already exist. – Todd Brison, The Creative’s Curse I don’t remember why the thought struck me, but I realized the other day that absolutely everything is recycled.

Being Early

I’m a chronic early-bird. But I use it to my advantage to make travel that much more enjoyable.

It’s The People They Represent

Representatives represent. So when disagreeing with a representative there’s a good chance we’re disagreeing with the majority of people he or she was elected to represent.

Breaking the Chain

If you read any self-improvement, time management. or productivity literature in recent years you’re likely to come across the Jerry Seinfeld story. I was thinking about it just yesterday, and lo and behold, it pops up in The Daily Stoic as today’s entry. Once again it seems that the universe is trying to tell me […]

The One Skill I Would Wish Upon The World

If I could wish upon the world one skill, I know exactly what that skill would be.

Getting Search Terms at the Hardware Store

Sometimes I go to the hardware store looking for nothing but ideas. Sometimes what I walk away with is nothing more than a search term.

Writing Things Down and Accidentally Reaching Goals

Five years ago I wrote down some five-year goals, and then set them aside. The results surprised me.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is nothing new. In fact, my parents were exhorting me to be more mindful long ago. I’ll bet yours were too.

Adjusting the Bar

My daily writing habit has become somewhat less than daily. I think it’s time to adjust the bar.

It’s Not 1984, And Yet…

I recently completed a re-read of the book 1984 by George Orwell. I was simultaneously encouraged and a little bit depressed

My Path is Different Than Your Path

An imagined response to an imagined comment….

Starting Is The Hardest Part

I get a lot done, I really do. Yet it’s also frustrating how much more I could do if I would just … start.

Travel Ease

I went on a trip, recently, and found myself at the airport – and then in the air – feeling particularly grateful for all the things that got me there.