My Path is Different Than Your Path

An imagined response to an imagined comment….

I’m glad of what you’ve accomplished. It was no small feat. You’ve done something significant, something that you can be rightfully proud of.

I, too, have accomplished something similar. It, too, was no small feat, and something that I have some small amount of pride in having done.

In essence, you and I have arrived at the same destination.

But we’ve done so via very different paths.

There is no single path on the journey. There are probably as many paths as there are individuals making the trip.

There is no objective right or wrong path. There is only what’s right for each of us at each moment along the way.

Not everyone is ready. Only we can know for ourselves when the time is right.

Not everyone needs directions along the way. Some need to figure it out on their own, others need a map.

Not everyone needs company. Some are happiest to forging ahead by themselves, others need the support of friends along the way.

Rather than trying to teach each other about our path, let’s instead learn from each other’s path.

Rather than sharing what we believe others should do, let’s listen instead, and celebrate how we each arrived at the same destination via our very different paths.

Our path, our decision, our journey, is very personal to each of us. Tell me how I should do it differently, and my mind reflexively closes. Ask me how it’s going, and I’m all ears.

1 thought on “My Path is Different Than Your Path”

  1. Beautiful…apt…..and a great reminder…telling, teaching often comes too close to judging..where we have no right to judge..given we each have been given the gift of free will….and no time limits to arrive at our eventual desitination… in this eternal Universe we have chosen to play in…thank you Leo…

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