Year 6 of Wierdness

Another year of Ask Leo! and the questions don’t fail to inspire … and

Here’s this years collection of the odd, the strange, the off-the-wall quesions.

As always, every question is a real question I’ve received via Ask Leo! within the last year, presented exactly as I got it
(except that any potentially identifying information will have been removed). Each “answer” is the answer that I’d be oh-so-tempted
to give…

(For perspective – remember that Ask Leo! is a tech site where I answer computer questions. Makes some of the following even more … puzzling.)

i saw a product online called amazing arthritis relief, before i spend my money i want to know if this product is on
the up and up, i am afraid to order onlinethe price is 49 bucks, it sure sound good

There are so many products on the internet ready to help cause and or cure stiffness it’s difficult to know where to

How did Obama get a scholarship from the fifth grade in the most prestigious private school in Hawaii? Who sponsored
him to get into Harvard Law School?

The anti-Obama and “birthers” crowd must be vewy vewy desperate if they’re coming to me for assistance.

If other countries adopted our currency, what would that do to the US

Put a lot of currency exchange workers out of work?

I think at this time you will not be able to answer the pèrsonel problems which I have, this also looks
interesting, but lacks urgency, which I experience. [Name redacted] Once a boy, speaking German, told me he had friends in
Apeldoorn, I think I might have enemies overhere.

I think at this time you will be right. Or not.

Looking for a beauty Site Called gitts and Glamor

I am, quite possibly, the slowest search engine in the world. here ya go.

can people in saskatchewn get mts

I would assume so, but you should check with your urologist to be sure.

a youth orginaization raised 15,336 dollars by selling gift baskets. five different teams sold the basket. martins
team sold 48 baskets, amys team sold 138 baskets, sharons team sold 77 baskets, juans team sold 250 baskets, and dees team sold 126
baskets. each gift basket was the same price. what was the price of one gift basket?

Apparently not enough so that you’d do you own homework!

thats a tough question can u tell me wats eminems e mail plzz lol if u know him

You think I’m the kinda guy that would now eminem? I think I’m insulted.

Can you describe a visit to a christian place of pilgrimage?


What happened to the Apple II computer?

I sold mine. Not sure about the others. (Trivia: yes, my first computer was an Apple ][)

How Old Am I ?

Not old enough, it would appear.

what happened to dadi mcnair in the fayetteville trial

Apparently I’m now a news agency? He asked the wrong question
at the wrong time in the wrong place
. Three strikes, dude.

what is to quash

A “to quash”, or more properly a “toe quash”, is a relative of the kumquat. Apparently good with … jam.

Difference between 4 networking devices? Note:It should be in the format of tabular column.

A tabular column? Well in that case there’s no way I can help.

hy do people live in new york

If you want to call that living.

what school dose kenny go to

Hopefully a school with better spelling and grammar lessons than yours.

is california a republican or democrat state?

Who can tell?

whos my lover

Given the amount of time you’re spending on the computer submitting inane questions – you don’t have one.

if i like feet but my mom does not know and i want to tickle some feet what should i do???please i am giving you my
bigest secret

To begin with, stop telling yout biggest secrets to complete strangers!

This Chinese thinker’s beliefs were adopted by the Han Dynasty and used as part of a civil service examination to
gain employment in the government

Bob Tzu.

P/s tell the richest man this year 2008

I will tell him as soon as I see him.

how do shooting stars work

It starts with a really big gun…

what does pwesonal assesment mean

Probably that you’ve been pwned by your employer.

What is the largest state in the united states ?

Clearly a state of ignorance.

how long does it take to thrust a friction picket into the ground? (15meter long and 0,5meter diameter)

Depends on how receptive the ground you’re thrusting into is, of course. (That’s an impressive picket ya got there,
by the way. I’m sure the ground would be apprehensive.)

how does the government choose which polocies to address?

The same way you choose to attend to your spelling: poorly.

what does dont know mean

I can’t answer that.

Should i laminate my laptop?

You can if you like, but good luck getting it open after.

what do you ask someone to be your best man?

Start with “will you be my maid of honor”, and when he turns that down…

How long a wire 0.1 inch in diameter can be drawn from a block of copper 2 by 4 by 6 inches? (With a follow up, no
less: please answer my question because i really need it.)

Given who you chose to ask this of, I’d stick to drawing with crayons.

me and my partner were diagnosed with chlamydia. we were both treated but he is clear but i still have it. he is the
only person i have slept with this so how has this happened

The fact that you’re asking a computer guy about sexual health issues might be a clue.

Join the sentence using not only—but also.1.He owens three factories.He owens restaurants in the city.

Who’s Owen?

What is it called when the conventional machining of metal, rifling is formed by wet-etching the interior of a
barrel under an electric current and the metal inside the barrel is actually eaten away or dissolved to create grooves in the

Prepping for the apocolypse?

when am i gonna get my first child?

Given who you’re asking, I’m guessing as soon as they show up on Amazon.

why watch frogs? i need the answer kinda right now because im in science classs and i need the answer.

Cause they’re green and redundant and green. And redundant.

What bimomes are in australia?

Bi-moms? This ain’t that kinda site.

when will the world end

Based on the questions I’m seeing: any day now.

correct name for a cut throat shaver

Insert pirate joke here. Arrr.

why are the white lines on a highway a set distance and length apart

I know! Wouldn’t it be so cool if they were just random and wavy and stuff? Think of all the fun the
drivers would have.

why does california or USA’s supply of water is becoming short if the earth has 2/3 of water?

The Earth has 2/3 of our water, and it won’t let go! It’s holding it hostage until we start

where does chuck norris live

Wherever the hell he wants to.

should teachers be tested for drugs?

Nah. It’s the only relief from you they get.

why computer is booted off the natural

Windows won’t work if it’s booted off the unnatural.

Need to print and mail a letter and not get my fingerprints on it. How do I do this?

You clearly don’t watch enough TV.

i somehow managed to get my “man hood” stuck in the disk drive of my computer whilst watching pornography and
nothings responding PLEASE HELP ME

I’m not responding either.

how big is your harddrive

Bigger’n yours, buddy.

what is my name?

I dub thee – Ignorance.

How much of my browsing history gets sent to the government?

All of it, because they clearly have nothing better to do that sit around and look at the browsing history of a
sexually frustrated teenage boy.

I have a World record biggest Email personally typed ,No Cut and paste ,Very huge mail composed ,i wanted a World
Record recognition thru HOTMAIL since i am using HOTMAIL for over a decade . I would be grateful if you can provide a monetary
hear from you at the earliest

I’m guessing the recognition you get will not match the recognition you seek.

Am i Gping to Graduatie this year

Npe. Not a chancie.

Can I do all the missions on Club Penguin without doing them?

Can a thing that needs doing be done by not doing? If not doing a thing gets it done, then is it really done, or by
not doing, not done? I’m confused.

how do sharks clean there teeth?

Certain types of bathing suits make excellent shark floss.

What does a sports writer do?

Some would argue not a lot.

when i start my computer black image and its always tooot

I hate when my computer toots. I recommend changing its diet – fewer beans.

If you were parking your car at work, and a woman dressed in all white happened to walk over a air vent and I got a
eye full of white lacy panties what should I do? Approach her at work?

Step out of the movie theatre.

Hi i was dating thiss leo guy at my work for 1 month it was very very intense and sexual heat even the staring part
he told me he was falling for me and then 2 days later he said he wasnt ready. he keeps staring at me at work and i get really hot
and sweaty when i see him still do u think he willcome aorund and why did he run the other way …

I actually say this every year: guys (and Leo’s in particular!) are attracted to girls who can spell and use things
like capitalization properly. Chances are he saw you write something down and walked away oddly disgusted.

I have a strange question. I live in Houston, and there are these little bugs, I call natty bugs. I can’t get rid of
them. Do you have a solution.

Those just aren’t the kind of bugs I deal with.

what is internet?


is there a statue of limatation on a dell computer bought 6 years ago which is now trying to garnish wages? why so

Wait, what? Your computer is trying to garnish your wages!?!? TURN IT OFF!

What is Terminal Volocity?

The speed at which a rodent hits the ground when dropped from an airplane.

what happens as an organism develops from one cell to many

The internet.

how do you cook squash


I have a 1995 Chevy Impala SS. Are the gages in the instrument gage cluster analog or digital?


I want to send group massage

I’m pretty sure you can get a gift certificate for that.

We just replaced the heater core in our 1992 Beretta GT Sport. We have also resealed the front window. It looks like
the water level is staying the same but we are still getting water under the carpet in on the drivers side and passanger side of
the car. I don’t smell antifreeze in this water but we were told that it was the heater core and we replaced but the water still
comes. Please help, can you give me any idea what else it could be leaking water under both seats? Leo we neeed your help bad.

Yes, you do. Been to the restroom lately?

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