The Questions You Didn’t See

A sampling of some of the funny, odd or not-so-technical questions I’ve received in the last year on Ask Leo!. All questions are complete and unedited – this is exactly the way I get ’em, folks.

The “answers” here are what I wish I could reply with. (I typically do not respond to these types of questions at all.)

I have a 14′ v shape boat. It has a crack in the front, along the seam in the middle. Would HTS 2000 brazing work or is there something else that i should be using?

Two words: Duct Tape (Hey, you ask a computer guy about boat repair, you get what you get, ok?)

If you commit a crime in one state and it is illegal to plea insanity then can you move the trial to another state that the insanity plea is legal?

It’s never worked for me.

I am stuck! I love this boy who I’m going out with yet this other boy has recently been askin me to dump my lad just for him! Plz help im stuk in a rut!

Yes, you apparently are.

Your sexy

My sexy what?

What is sex?

With luck, you’ll find out when you’re older. Then
again… perhaps not.

can you please forget the password of the my mail

OK, done

How far are you from the earth

That depends entirely on my medication level.

What towering tourist attraction actually shrinks six inches in the winter?

Sorry, this is a PG rated site.

why am i so loneley

Spelling. It’s all about the spelling. Well, that and spending all your time posting on random web sites.

what are the elgin marbles made out of?

Something I’m sure Mr. Elgin misses very much.

How many skateparks are there in wisconisn?

I was under the impression that during the winter, at least, Wisconson was a skatepark.

How long does opiate pain meds stay in the body?

Never long enough… never long enough.

Is it possible for a human to be psycghic?

Yes, with enough psycghotherapy.

this website is boring and theres to much writing!

I know, I know. Reading’s hard, isn’t it? Go shopping instead, ok?

please could you send me a password

Sure. Here ya go: whn34nt7

how do my email out of a sit

Take your laptop into the bathroom with you.

What is Jewelry?

Punishment, ransom or bail, depending on the situation.


Just peachy, thank you.

Can you tell me if there is life in space


r u gay

I answered this question last year. Nothing’s changed; still playing on the same team.

2 thoughts on “The Questions You Didn’t See”

  1. PMSL. I think you may have missed your true ‘calling’ going by your ever so slightly arid answers to the above, erm, ‘questions’

  2. The Question: What towering tourist attraction actually shrinks six inches in the winter?
    Your “Answer”: Sorry, this is a PG rated site.

    But did you know that there is really such a thing? The Eiffel Tower in Paris is about 20 cm shorter, due to the large coefficient of thermal expansion of steel.

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