The Weather

Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. -Charles Dudley Warner

As I write this large portions of Texas are experiencing and recovering from hurricane Harvey. Even just skimming headlines is enouh to make me very, very grateful for the mostly mild & moderate weather we experience here in the Pacific Northwest.

To live in the Seattle area is to live with a couple of inches of snow being a big deal. Windstorms rarely reach over 40 mph. While we get our share of rain we get it over the course of a year, rather than the smaller bursts and downpours that other areas often receive. Temperatures rarely exceed the 25F – 90F range.

The fact is this area is perhaps the very definition of “mild” weather. Enough weather to have seasons, but not so much we regularly experience catastrophes.

When watching natural disasters like hurricanes in the southeast United States, or severe winter storms of the northeast, or the heat and drought experienced by the southwest … it’s clear we’ve got it pretty darned good.

Of course that doesn’t stop us from complaining about it.

And for the record, there is something we can do about it.


But before you pack up and move here, I’d like to talk to about something else.

Earthquakes. I hear we’re overdue for “the big one”. 🙂

1 thought on “The Weather”

  1. Weather… can be naughty or nice.

    It was extremely naughty in regards to Texas this past week or so. And thanks to Hurricane Irma, Florida may experience a bit of naughtiness, too, this coming weekend. Let’s hope not.

    I’m in Florida. Been here my entire life. It’s been exciting at times, but strong storms such as Irma can also be catastrophic in human and economic terms.

    I’m hoping that Irma goes up in the north Atlantic and dies a quick death before bringing heartbreak and bankruptcy to anyone anywhere. Fingers crossed. 🙂


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