As part of my daily research to produce Not All News Is Bad (NANIB) I run across a lot of positive news stories. (That daily research is the intended goal of NANIB — that I publish it is just a side effect.)

When my wife stumbled into a story about a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease that is showing promise my first thought was that I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about progress on the medical front.

Medical treatments for specific conditions and positive progress overall make regular appearances on the sources I use to curate good news.

A couple that I selected for NANIB in recent weeks include Plants ‘hijacked’ to make polio vaccine, and Alexa Cured My Daughter’s Speech Impediment. One that I didn’t repost but is just as fascinating: HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa.

They don’t make the mainstream news because that venue is busy dealing with more salacious, and attention and click grabbing topics. When you know where to look there’s a fairly steady stream of positive news, particularly related to health and medical progress.

It’s an amazing time to be alive in so many ways. Almost every day I’m reminded of progress being made around the world conquering assorted medical issues.

I may or may not personally benefit directly from the things I find, but I think it’s likely that I already have. Once these solutions go mainstream they’re quickly taken for granted.

I’m grateful for the progress, the hope, and the strides and advancements being made every day.