A Community Of Information

It’s no secret that I believe quite strongly that the internet has created more community and opportunity than it’s destroyed, and connected more people in more ways than we could possibly have imagined. Yes, there are issues, but they are far outweighed by the positives.

A simple example: I’m currently in my travel trailer, parked outside my sister-in-laws house, near a workshop that has a 220 volt electrical outlet for a welder.

Can I plug in my trailer? I plug into a different type of 220 outlet at home, why not this one?

It turns out that the answer is an emphatic no. The 220 volt outlet in most RV parks and which I have installed at home are actually quite different in an important way. Attempting to do it anyway could result in serious damage to the electrical system in my trailer.

The point of my story here is how I found that out, and how quickly I found that out.

Online. Specifically an online community of trailer owners. I posted a simple question, and within the hour I had my answer and a clear explanation of why what I was considering would be a Really Bad Idea.

Not a reference site. Not Google. Community.

People. Online.

Yes, there are questionable communities, and questionable community members. Such is life, But there are online communities and participants that are pure gold when it comes to just about any topic of interest you can think of.

Today, sitting in my trailer with a happily working electrical system because I learned not to do something I was thinking of doing … I’m very grateful. 🙂