Parks & Camping

Kathy and I occasionally throw the dogs into the car, hook up the trailer and head out to one of Washington State Parks’ campgrounds.

Since the day we started doing that some years ago I’ve been impressed by just how well they’re kept.

The parks are popular, and for the best campsites we do have to plan ahead, but it’s worth it.

Our favorite is Pacific Beach State Park – camping with views directly onto the Pacific Ocean. When we purchased our new travel trailer earlier this year we actually chose a floor plan in part keeping in mind our usual campsites and which way the trailer would likely be oriented.

I’ve already expressed my gratitude for the weather and one of the ways we enjoy that weather is to head out. But you know, even when the weather is horrible our camping experiences are still fun. We’ve definitely been lulled to sleep by torrential rain falling on our RV during a late season trip to the coast. The weather — particularly along the coast — can be unpredictable.

Be it seaside, or riverside, or just a pleasant get-away, I’m grateful that our region has so many opportunities for us.