Seattle Native Test

OK, this is a test for everyone who claims to be a Seattle native/local.

What is this:

Seattle Mystery Key

It’ll should bring a fond smile to true natives.

I’ll update this post with the answer in a few days.


  1. Dave Ball says:

    Somebody’s been to the Woodland Park Zoo… and listened to the recorded bits…

  2. C Marks says:

    The San Francisco Zoo has the same thing – only the tigers here kill people…

  3. On May 1, you showed a picture of a very strange keyring, asked: “What is this?” along with some provocative hints about Seattle, and promised to “update this post with the anser in a few days.”
    It’s been 126 days, now… are you ready to post the answer?

  4. Sorry for the delay … life got in the way.
    In the early 60’s Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo installed what were called
    “Talking Storybooks”. You would buy one of these keys for 50 cents, and then
    at each of the exibits there was a metal box into which you would insert
    and turn your key to hear a recorded story about the exhibit you were looking at.
    Apparently they were removed by the mid to late 60’s – not a long run by any
    There’s more here in the middle of a very interesting article on the history
    of the Woodland Park Zoo: [unfortunately it appears these links no longer work. Check for the Seattle zoo].
    And someone else has shared a photo and story of their key (with the original tag
    still attached) here: