Seattle has no full time news radio station.

Yes, yes, I know that the two heavyweights in the Seattle
marker, KIRO 710 and KOMO 1000 both claim to be news
stations. And yet…

KIRO changed branding some time ago from “News Radio” to
“News Talk” to finally reflect more accurately what they
really broadcast: News and Talk. More of the later than the
former, I’m afraid. Fair enough, at least they’re honest
about it. (And I’m a fan of the talk part … if
that’s what I happen to be looking for.)

The real offender, in my mind, is KOMO.

KOMO promotes themselves as the only all news station in

The only? Perhaps.

All news? Hardly.

One of the most frustrating things is to hop in your car,
turn on the radio, switch over to the news station and find
… baseball. Hours and hours of baseball. (Doublely
frustrating when the other “news” station is in one of it’s
talk segments.)

Almost all news programming on KOMO is out the window during
a Mariners game. Perhaps you’ll get periodic updates during
the hours and hours of pre-game, in-game and post-game
non news programming.

But you certainly won’t get normal news programming.

I love it when baseball season is over. Real news radio
comes back, once again.

Anyone remember KNWX? KIRO’s sister station was truly 24
hour news. A great refuge for information when other
stations were off doing other things. Sadly it turned into

and more talk.