Why yes, I do live in Seattle.

During my recent trip to San Antonio, I found myself in a small shop
(gourmet dog cookies, if you must know) across from a Starbucks.
I told the proprietor that I was visiting from Seattle, and she immediately
said, “Yes, the home of Starbucks!”


It made me realize that I’m really, really from Seattle, because:

I’ve had coffee at Starbucks original store – before they took over the
world even.

I regularly shopped at Costco’s flagship store until they built another
closer to my home.

Yes, of course, I worked at Microsoft, before they took over the world too.
(1983-2001, employee count ~360 to over 54,000).

My dad consulted for Boeing on a regular basis and his equipment was used
when building the 747 in its early years.

I know that UPS started in Seattle.

And I know how to pronounce both “Puyallup” and “Sequim”.

There’s a bunch of local trivia too, but those would interest only those
that live here. I may have one specific one in the coming days … a test,
of sorts, for the locals.

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  1. Hi leo, I just found my way into your world (via Allen Wyatt’s) and I like the human talking in your posts, dare I say it, reminds me of another of my favorite humans – Garrison Keilor – so to hear of the trivia q’s which pick out the Seattleites from the non- I saw your little picture – was it a key with a red elephant disguise? but found I am reading your posts in reverse chrono order, so I don’t think I will meet up with “I’ll tell you the answer next post…” cheers from a new (Aussie) subscriber

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