Leo’s World

A couple of people asked what I was up to lately, so here’s a snapshot. Not surprisingly, most can be found on the web…

  • Ask Leo!: besides almost daily posts answering people’s questions, a new initiative to “link to Leo!”, and a new weekly podcast.
  • Dolls and Friends: various bits of work such as an article to get the search engines to like us better. Also a little marketing play: a doll with a blog.
  • Hopelink: in addition to the Executive Leadership Council, I joined the board of directors in January, and am also helping/advising as they embark on a website redesign.
  • I’m a volunteer moderator for the Corgi-L mailing list of 2000+ Corgi owners world wide
  • Forwarded Funnies: I try to post something new there every day. I keep getting good stuff, and when that runs low, I still have a two year backlog to work through.
  • Smaller projects of my own in various stages of development or use: Buy Leo a Latte, Buy Leo a Beer, Leo’s Movable Type Tips and Tricks, Spyware Chronicles (actually a proof of concept site), and Leo’s Links because apparently everyone now needs a link blog too.
  • Currently active clients include Best Green Hotels, an implementation from scratch.
  • Clients in “maintenance and occasional feature tweak” mode include This is True Archive (and several other related sites), Ask The Builder, tips.net, publisher of Word Tips and Excel Tips, The David Lawrence Show and Online Tonight, Surfing the Net with Kids, and  probably a few I’ve forgotten.

Whew! And I play[ed] Asheron’s Call. And I’m building a fence. Digging one bloody post hole at a time. By hand.

No wonder I’m tired…

Updated 4/12: neglected to mention Corgi-L!