What’s on my Treo?

A friend just got a Treo 650, and asked what additional software might be useful. Well, I’m incredibly happy with my Treo 600 (via Verizon), so here’s a list of what’s on my Treo:

  • Snappermail is a full-fledged pop3 email client. I run Snappermail Premier Edition. It’s my #2 application by use.
  • Pocket Tunes turns my Treo into my portable MP3 player. This is my #1 application … so much so that I have it mapped to the calendar button on the Treo handset.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader works well for the 600, and I’d expect even better on the 650, because of it’s higher resolution screen.
  • Blocks, also known as Tetris. I needed at least one mindless game on the device, and this is it. Mundu IM a multi-service instant messaging client.
  • PdaNet allows me to use my Treo as a high speed wireless modem for my laptop. Invaluable.
  • PdaReach has to be seen – it’s “Remote Desktop” for my Treo. While docked, I can interact with the phone through my the application running on my Windows Desktop. Very nicely done.
  • pssh is for the geeks, but it’s an SSH client for Palm OS. For those of us who use SSH to access our servers, this is a great safety net to have with in case you need to fix something on the server right now.
  • Ringo just because I wanted a Star Trek beep when my phone rings. Allows you to have the phone play MP3’s as ring tones.

Those are the biggies. Some might argue that much of that should have been on the phone to begin with. Fair enough. (Especially MP3’s for ring tones.) But regardless, here I am. And happy about it.