Knowing Isn’t Enough

One more step is required.


In 2014 I lost 56 pounds. I went on to lose 10 more beyond my goal after that.

It was intentional and methodical.

After reaching that goal, occasional lapses (Hello, Thanksgiving) would be met with “oh well, I know how to do this”, and the holiday weight would eventually come off.

And then: pandemic.

Recent studies report that on average we’ve gained two pounds per month of the pandemic.


In the roughly 14 months since the pandemic began, I find myself 28 pounds heavier than I want to be.

Oh well. I know how to do this.

Except … I’ve been saying that for 14 months. Frequently. At each little stairstep along the way (or along the weigh). And yet — here I am. +28.

I recently ran across an article listing “reach your goal weight” as one of eight things you don’t need to do anymore. Cut yourself some slack.

I get that. I really do. I could be obsessing over, and getting deeply depressed over, my increased attractiveness. I’m not. I’m healthy — which is awesome, all things considered — and doing well.

So rather than calling it something I don’t need to do, I’ll change that to say it’s not something I need to obsess over, as I choose to try anyway.

Which leads me to the point: I know how to do this. I really do. I’ve done it before.

But that’s not enough.

Knowing isn’t enough. You have to do.

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