As I’ve said before people who’ve lost weight love to talk about how they lost weight. I’m no exception.

I’ve written about it, some, talked about it, some, and just generally put it out there that — after 50+ years — I’d lost some significant weight.

To be completely honest, I’m fairly sure that writing about it was as much hubris as it was anything else, but I posted here on my little corner of the web, posted a link or two on social media and have pretty much left it at that.

Maybe, in the back of my mind, I was hoping to inspire someone — though that, too, was probably as much hubris as anything.

Today I found out that apparently I did. An acquaintance I’ve not seen for some years posted that he’d lost some significant weight, and when I congratulated him on having done so he mentioned that I was in part responsible.

I’m honored. I’m humbled. Honestly, I’m also a little surprised that any of my actions would actually inspire anyone, even if that might have been in the back of my mind at some point.

So, yeah, I’m thankful to have had a small impact, and kinda happy I did put it out there in the first place. I was (and actually remain) proud of the accomplishment. And I’m doubly appreciative when I see others making similar accomplishments.