Private Audience

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I gave a friend a ride into Seattle for an orientation meeting for a new job. While that meeting happened I hung out near the Starbucks in the lobby.

Eventually, though, I moved outside. The weather was beautiful, there were tables available, and it just seemed like a pleasant thing to do.

That’s when it became unexpectedly more pleasant.

As is my way, I gravitated towards the table away from the building, the furthest out, and what I generally figure is the most inconvenient so as to leave the closer, more accessible tables available to those with more pressing needs and hurried schedules than my own. That put me on the edge of the patio, near the grass.

As I was sitting there, reading a book on my Kindle, if I recall correctly, I saw a couple of gentlemen drive up to the loading area and begin to unload equipment. They then carried their boxes and such over to the edge of the patio where I was sitting, and proceeded to set up to play live music over the lunch break.

They set up directly in front of me, giving me “the best seat in the house.”

Ranger and the Re-arrangersThey began to play, one on guitar, the other on violin. No open guitar case, just lunchtime music outside a hospital Starbucks in the sunshine.

I also happened to be periodically chatting with my cousin in The Netherlands via WhatsApp, and I shared a short video clip as well (I’ve included it below).

Ranger and the Re-arrangers.

I’m grateful for live music, and an unexpected private (OK, ok, not so private) audience. 🙂