Dagmar Spring Update


It’s been awhile since I posted an update on Dagmar’s chemotherapy, so …

No news is very good news. Dagmar finished her chemotherapy a couple of weeks ago and all is well.

As I was telling our regular vet just the other day, aside from the original discovery, and one trip to the ER, and perhaps occasional fatigue (which, let’s be honest, could just as easily be age – she’s approaching 12), it’s as if there’s simply nothing wrong at all. She’s her bouncy, perky self.

She actually skipped the last round of chemo, things being as good as they were, but we did do a somewhat experimental vaccine for her lymphoma. Rather than preventing a recurrence (nothing does that, that we know of currently), the hope is that it’ll extend her remission even further.

ChesterIn related good news, because there appears to be a genetic/relational component to this particular cancer, there was also a blood test we elected to have done on Dagmar’s son Chester to keep an eye on his status. All looked great on that front as well.

Bottom line: we’re taking the win. Had we done nothing Dagmar would be long gone. As it is her quality of life remains as good and normal as ever (perhaps bordering on  “pampered, entitled, princess”). A huge thank you to the awesome Dr. Tripp and her staff at Veterinary Cancer Specialty Care.

And now … that princess I mentioned is campaigning for her dinner.

All is well.