Dagmar Update

Since the last post was all about Dagmar’s ER visit, I didn’t want to leave that as the most recent post here on my blog.

Short version: chemotherapy continues, but she’s doing really well.

Ever since the events that lead up to the ER visit (and the errors made by the vet there), we’ve been really cautious with each round of chemo. Basically we’ll pre-medicate with anti-nausea, anti-diarrhea meds, and keep a close eye on stool and just about everything else going into, or coming out of, Dagmar afterward. Generally if something’s going to happen it’ll happen within the 2-6 day window … sometimes a little longer … after chemo. So vigilance is the word.

With the exception of a slightly lower-than-desired white blood cell count last week, which caused us to postpone that treatment to this week, she’s been doing just fine. While she’s typically tired for a couple of days within a day or so of each treatment, each time she’s returned to her bouncy, opinionated self a few days after that. She’s also been putting on a little weight – a priority after the ER visit, and now just a little extra cushion (literally and metaphorically I guess), should we have another bout of anything that results in loss of appetite.

So … it’s still cancer, it’s still lymphoma, and there’s still no cure, but … she remains in remission, and we remain hopeful that continues.

And Dagmar remains hopeful that there’ll be more treats. 🙂

A big shout-out to the folks at Veterinary Cancer Specialty Care, particularly Dr. Tripp, for their TLC throughout.

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  1. I sure wish we had something similar here. I feel we’re just not doing right by Riley by “taking her home to die” (Vet’s words). You are indeed fortunate to have access to such great care for Dagmar, and I’ll be sending her cuddles and positive healing vibes. You and Cathy take care of each other, too. M

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