Working For Yourself

When you’re a “solopreneur”, as it’s now refered to — an individual working for yourself, especially online – you can look at each week either of two ways:

  • Every day is a potential day of work. Weekends are nothing special; they’re just another couple of days.
  • Every day is a potential day off. Weekdays are nothing special either.

It requires some self-discipline, but I’m exceptionally grateful for both ways of looking at things.

When you’re self employed working at home it’s very easy to work seven days a week. To be honest, it’s pretty much what I do. It’s exceptionally uncommon that I’m not doing something related to my work every single day.

But here’s where the flexibility comes in: if I need to step away – for an appointment, for an errand, or even for a vacation — I can. That I can run errands on weekdays and avoid weekend crowds is wonderful. That I can decide to take a day off, without regard to which day it might be, is also pretty awesome.

The fact that I can respond to last minute issues, events, and even emergencies without a second thought is truly gratifying.

Yes, it does mean I need to be a self-starter and structure my work so that a) this all can happen and b) that the work does get done eventually, and on time. But that’s a small price to pay for the incredible flexibility my lifestyle allows for.

As I said, I’m grateful for it.