There’s Rain and then there’s


Olga was a bust. Lots of warning, lots of cancellations (including most of our plans in Port Douglas), but then … nothing.



Monday was a quiet, almost windless day. Hot and humid.

We took it as a day off, a day relax. Sweat … and relax.

Monday night, on the other hand, was anything but quiet. Around 9PM it started raining – no, pouring – and didn’t let up until around 5AM Tuesday morning.

Cyclone season, monsoon season – it’s all the same.

We got lots of advice that this was definitely the worst time of year to come, and that other months are much less risky weather wise.


But recall the purpose of our trip. 30 years ago we had no idea we were getting married during Australia’s cyclone season.

And I suspect nothing would have changed, had we known.

Tomorrow: Sydney.

1 thought on “There’s Rain and then there’s”

  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you..and have a great holiday.
    Don’t let a bit of rain spoil it..enjoy anyway.

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