Best Laid Plans

As part of setting up this trip, I’d booked a few activities that were to take place today (Sunday, as I write this) and tomorrow.

Note the words “were to take place”.

It turns out that 30 years ago Kathy and I got married during “cyclone season”.

How … interesting.

And sure enough, later today, tropical cyclone Olga is expected to make landfall a short distance north of where I’m sitting.

Today was to be a scenic rail trip from Cairns to Kuranda – canceled yesterday due to the risk of landslides, followed by a ride on the Kuranda Skyrail back down. With the train out of service, the replacement plan was to take the Skyrail both up and down. That was canceled this morning, shortly after we got up. High winds and heavy rain probably don’t mix well with the hanging gondolas.

Tomorrow was to be a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef on the WaveDancer, but alas, high winds aren’t appropriate for that either, and we got the notice today that that, too, was off.

No chance to reschedule, since we leave the day after tomorrow.

As it is, we’re back at the hotel, watching the storm come in. It’s warm, windy, and about to get very, very wet.

I’m attempting to upload a couple of pictures but the internet connection continues to be slow as molasses. It’s entirely possible that I may not get things uploaded until we arrive in Sydney on Tuesday.

Now, if you’ll excuse me … we have a cyclone to go watch. An entirely new experience for both of us.

Should be fun!

3 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans”

  1. Sounds like you have the right attitude. If plans get changed do something else. I’ll bet you could get some awesome cyclone pictures. I’m sure glad that day one was a hit so that day 2 isn’t as much of a disappointment. Sydney, I’m sure, will be wonderful.

  2. Oh, that’s bad luck.
    Specially the Great Barrier Reef that you will miss.
    But I look forward at pictures from ” Olga”
    Olga was a big disappointment. A lot of warning – just so that all our activities would get cancelled – and then, nothing. With no chance for us to reschedule things before we leave, we just took that last day in Cairns/Port Douglas as a day to relax.
    — Leo —

  3. Hi Leo, I live in Cairns – didn’t know you were coming to this area.
    I’m very sorry Olga spoiled your plans, and also turned out to be a non event, except that we have had over 7 inches of rain since Saturday.
    We were fully prepared for a cat 2 cyclone, expected to loose our power for a few days and get some damage. It looked bad on the radar and charts, yet somehow when it arrived it had no wind. I’ve never experienced that before.
    If I’d kmown what you were planning I would have told you that January to March is the worst time to come to the tropics. The heat, the humidity, the rain, the possibility of cyclones.
    September & October are the best months. I hope you’ll come another time and that Sydney will make up for it this time.
    Thankyou for your always informative newsletter.
    Rob Healey

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