Sydney and Aussie Day

Here’s a thousand words:

Sydney Opera House

Yep – I took that, and yes, that’s the view out of our hotel room.

Actually it’s a small part of the view, since to the right is Circular Quay, and to the left the Sydney Harbor bridge.

I did take a panoramic shot from the roof of the hotel. (Because of the layout of the accessible roof portion, the picture’s mostly roof, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.)

We arrived on Australia Day – the Aussie equivalent of the U.S.’s Independence Day. There were crowds and music venues and lots of celebration all around us.

We wandered around as well – here’s a shot back at the hotel:

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Today’s trip was to the Taronga Zoo. I’ve uploaded a few animal pictures to I did want to share a couple of other images though, starting with this interesting creature:


That’s the Google Street View bicycle, complete with cameras and GPS (and a rather large battery, of course). Yep, Google’s mapping out the Taronga Zoo. Who knows, perhaps I’ll show up – look for me in front of the food court (of course).

And here’s the view from the free-flight bird show venue:

Taronga Free Flight Venue View

I have a few pictures of birder in flight uploaded as well.

I’ll leave you with this last little bit of advice, courtesy of the Sydney Ferry System:

Good Advice

Just sounds like good advice for life in general: “Welcome Aboard: Mind Your Head”

4 thoughts on “Sydney and Aussie Day”

  1. Welcome to Sydney Leo,
    I truely hope you enjoy our city and the people here. You chose a great time to visit, there’s plenty happening in town at the time of the year.
    I’m looking forward to plenty of interesting articles in your newsletter in 2010.
    John Wood

  2. What an absolutely incredible view from your room. I’d love a print of that shot. You are right about it being a thousand words. Breathtaking. Wish we were there with you. Chuck has a friend in or near Syndney so if you need another local contact for anything let us know. Continue to have fun

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