Blue Mountains

The Look

With the cancellation of the planed activities up in Port Douglas due to Cyclone Olga, we took our first formally organized tour – a bus tour up into the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

The weather threatened (again) but things turned out quite well.

The primary objective of the trip was a facility known as Scenic World – a somewhat cheesy name for a very beautiful spot with – ok, scenic – views of the local mountains, cliffs and the rain forest below.

Three Sisters

The day was cloudy, and often misty. In fact, just as we were getting onto the bus thunder and lightning arrived, and rain began to pour.

The second stop of the day was Featherdale Wildlife Park. This deceptively large park featured native Aussie wildlife, and gave us our first good close looks at some animals that we’d only seen hiding in caves elsewhere. Yes, there were Koalas, but here we finally got a good look at critters like the Tasmanian Devil, and Kathy’s new favorite:


The wombat.

I noted that they’re a little like a Pembroke Welsh Corgi – short legs & no tail. Makes sense.

On the trip back the bus detoured through the Olympic Park, the site of the 2000 Summer Olympics (under construction when I visited 11 years ago). We elected to take a Sydney Ferry back to Circular Quay.

Sydney from the River

All in all, a very enjoyable day.

As usual, a few more pictures