Sydney Meet-Up

A huge thank you to Bruce, Bruce, Lynn and Dean who met with me outside of the Sydney Starbucks. Travelling to foreigh countries is always an adventure, but Australia is a particularly friendly place, as I experience 11 years ago, and re-experienced this last week. The folks that met with me are great examples of why I’ve come to appreciate Australia so much.

Sydney Meetup Leo, surrounded by Bruce, Bruce, Lynn and Dean
Outside the Sydney, Australia Starbucks

Thank you again, gentlemen … it was a pleasure and an honor.

Auckland Update: details here.

8 thoughts on “Sydney Meet-Up”

  1. Chuck says if you give him your credit card he’ll be there for coffee. Of course I would never say such a thing….hope you have a great time!

  2. Good to read that you are coming down under. I hope the Kiwi weather improves – although Auckland has not been too bad – but where I am in Lower Hutt (Wellington) the worst ‘summer’ in years.

  3. Leo, you’ll be lucky if there still is a Starbucks in Circular Quay. Most of the stores in Oz were closed. But you shouldn’t have any problems finding a coffee shop that sells real coffee in Sydney.

  4. Interesting to read about your trip. Only time I was in Sydney was in February, 1968 on Army R&R. Best week we ever had in the Army. No Starbucks then, and the Opera House was under construction and very contraversial with the locals due to cost overruns! We had to do everything on the cheap, but still have many great memories.

  5. Leo,when in Oz pop on down to the Gold coast where I live its a whole new world here, wont have a problem finding a top notch coffee shop here. Oh enjoy your trip.

  6. Ohhh leo and kathy…you two are having a great time. I love the australian people…they are in fact friendly and funny too!! Always uplifting!
    enjoy! I am checking up on you like a good mother should (heheheh)

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