A Final Day in Sydney

Our Sydney stay was definitely over too soon. But then, with all that Sydney is we could easily stay for weeks and still feel the same way when we left.

Our last day was hot. As in really hot.

I started by meeting with four Ask Leo! readers at the nearby Starbucks. I’m both honored and aprpeciative that they’d stop by and say hi.

Sydney Meetup
Leo, surrounded by Bruce, Bruce, Lynn and Dean
Outside the Sydney, Australia Starbucks

I also had my first Starbucks coffee in slightly over a week. (It’s not an addiction, really!).

Kathy came by (and graciously took the photo accompanying), and we walked over to the botanical gardens, just above and behind the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House from the Botanical Garden

Did I mention it was HOT? We actually ended up cutting that walk a little short, electing to head back into the central business district where there were three important thing: lunch, shopping and air conditioning.

As we later relaxed in our room, we were treated to a live string quartet for a while outside the window. Turns out the small grassy area or park is a popular place to get married – and that they did. There’s just something about a string quartet playing Jason Mraz that’s … unsettling. The Beatles, at least, I can understand.

After an early wake-up call, tomorrow we leave Australia behind, and head off to Queenstown, New Zealand.

As I mentioned to several people over the past few days and weeks, I’d been to Australia before on business, and I was quick to realize that somehow, some day I had to get Kathy here to see this beautiful country and meet its friendly people.

She, and I, were not disappointed.

I dare say there’s a good chance we’ll be back again some day.

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