Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown Hill View

I think we arrived in a little corner of heaven. (Our driver into town certain felt that way with respect to fly fishing, at least.) The views just getting off off of the airplane were stunning right away.

The image above is taken from a hill at the north east end of town, overlooking the business and tourist district of Queenstown. As you can see it has a small bay on Lake Wakatipu.

The view from our room is similarly spectacular:

Queenstown View

The weather has cooperated wonderfully here – the room view was taken Saturday on our arrival, and the hilltop view on Sunday afternoon.

TSS Earnslaw

On Sunday we took the TSS Earnslaw, an authentic 1912 coal-fired steam ship, up the lake to the Walter Peak farm, where we saw – what else but? – sheep herding, shearing and more. I mean, what’s New Zealand without sheep? It was both fun and interesting. Heck, the scenic boat ride alone is worth it.

While there, Kathy also had an opportunity to head out on a scenic horseback ride:

Kathy Horseback Riding at Walter Peak Farm

And for those asking, I’m sadly just over the weight limit for the available horses. I’d need a small draft horse. (My head will also tell you that I’m over the height limit for the ship as well. Ouch. More than once.)

Back via the Earnslaw, and we walked up (and up and up) that hill northeast of town where I took the picture above.

Tomorrow: Milford Sound.

(As always, more photos have been uploaded to LeosPictures.com.)

2 thoughts on “Queenstown, NZ”

  1. NZ sounds like a wonderful place! Not surprised you went to a sheep farm, you hopeless animal lovers! Good for K riding the horse! Since I’m traveling with you vicariously, do what the taxi driver AND I have said-go flyfishing at least once! 🙂 Don

  2. “I’m over the height limit for the ship as well. Ouch. More than once.”
    Well, they did tell you to “mind your head.” Maybe that knocked a little sense into you. 🙂

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