Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

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Over the last few years I’ve found myself not just subscribing to an assortment of news and other publications, but actually paying for the privilege.

In the spirit of full transparency for my own publications influenced by these choices, here’s a list of everything I’m actually paying cold hard cash for.

A quick note about format

Wherever I can I select the “digital only” option, and avoid having paper actually shipped to me. I’m an online kinda guy, and there’s no reason more trees should die for my interests.

That being said, there are two exceptions:

  • No digital only option exists. (C’mon, publications, get with the program and join the 21st century.)
  • I’m not the only one affected by the decision. My wife prefers paper.

I’m including the amounts, just for reference. Most are rounded to the nearest $5. Some are paid out of personal funds, others are paid by the company (Ask Leo!) when I can justify it.


Those things we might identify as “traditional” newspapers.

Magazines & Websites

This gets blurry, so I’ll combine these two categories.

Email Newsletters

Why spend money?

That’s a long list, and no, I don’t read all of it all the time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

So why do I subscribe to things I might not read regularly?

There are generally two reasons:

  • I literally want to support or reward the publication. They’ve done something or reported on something I consider important, or they represent something I consider important and want to make sure that they can continue.
  • I want to read the content, and even though it may be available free (not all are), I reach a threshold where I feel I should pay for what I’m consuming. I know I’m very privileged to be able to, and that enters into it as well.

The press needs our support now more than ever.


What I expect is this:

  • Those on the left will see the list above as right-leaning.
  • Those on the right will see the list above as left-leaning.

If that happens, I’m quite comfortable with it. Smile


Naturally, the list will change over time. I’ve already identified subscriptions that ended up not really fitting with my needs, and I’m certain I’ll stumble across others I find worthy of my money.

I’ll try and keep this list updated.

3 thoughts on “Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is”

  1. Interesting reading. I glad to see your principled approach in divulging your reading selections. I do subscribe to support you for similar reasons.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Over time, I’ve subscribed to some items that you’ve either recommended or quoted. We get the local newspaper (digital version) and most friends ask “Why?” My response is usually along the lines of what you said above. Our paper has been shrinking just like many others. But, aside from the BREAKING NEWS!!! on local TV, it’s about the only way to get local news. I wish I had the time (and the eyesignt) to read more. My eyesight is one reason that I prefer digital subscriptions — I can enlarge the print as big as my eyes need! 🙂

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