On Self-Awareness

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Many people believe they understand themselves.

Some might be right, or close to it. However, many are quite mistaken.

Be it through introspection, therapy, deep discussions with trusted friends, understanding yourself is, perhaps, one of the most important things you can do to increase the quality of and satisfaction in your life.

I like to believe I’m relatively self-aware. I hope I’m not misguided, but if I’m right, it helps me to make better decisions, and set better expectations for myself.

Self-awareness also allows me to acknowledge, and play to, my strengths. It also helps me understand my reactions in a variety of situations, often allowing to choose to react differently, and more intentionally.

Honest self-awareness also lets me avoid some poor choices along the way.

Honestly, it’s all made a dramatic difference in how I perceive my life.

I’ve seen self-awareness in others, and really appreciate those who have achieved some measure of it. It’s ironic that they sometimes don’t even realize or acknowledge it themselves.

I see folks working through early life trauma and experiences at levels that expose an amazing amount of self knowledge and insight. It’s incredibly impressive to see.

In many ways, self-awareness and self-knowledge all boil down to self-acceptance, or are at least an important part of the path that leads to it. It’s a difficult path for many.

In many ways, self-awareness is also just another form of mindfulness. Being mindful of and observing the self: realistically, honestly, objectively, and with acceptance.

Being objectively aware and honest with yourself about exactly who and what you are is perhaps the most important step to growth and improvement, and living a life you can be proud of.

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  1. Your thoughts are like good psihoteraphy books or self-help manuals. The difference is that Your thoughts are short and precise, without many excess words like many books saying nothing. Thank You.

  2. Plays Well With Others by Eric Barker-what a book❗️Especially if a person really wants to do something about how they present to the world. Life IS supposed to be fun.

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