Oh, Canada

As odd as it may seem to some, I’m actually grateful that I was born in Canada.

For one thing, even though I’m a U.S. citizen having been born elsewhere protects me from ever considering a run for U.S. president. 🙂

In reality, being a Canadian citizen as well as U.S. (I have both) opens a few doors that wouldn’t otherwise be opened.

I think the biggest thing I take away from my Canadian heritage — all three years of it — is a greater sense of multiculturalism. I’ve frequently referred to myself as “Dutch by heritage, Canadian by birth, and American by choice.” I appreciate the differences that they represent, and feel a close tie to each.

In a practical sense remaining a Canadian citizen keeps some doors open. Should the need arise I could return, for example — though that seems rather unlikely given all my ties here. Years ago when traveling to Australia I was able to select the shorter “United Kingdom” line at customs, whereas the majority of the 747 full of Americans were faced with lengthier options.

It’s not something I chose, and it’s not something I can say anyone planned for, but in the random path of events that leads to today, I’m pretty glad it went the way it did.