Lucky Eleven

It’s that time of year again where I celebrate the anniversary of Ask Leo! by sharing some of the off-the-wall questions that I’ve received over the course of the year.

This year the number seems smaller than usual. Not sure if we’re holding our weirdness to a higher standard, or if the number of oddball requests is decreasing.

Nonetheless, exactly as submitted, with the answer I’d love to give, this years WTH (What The Heck? – or something like that) questions.

im dating a girl and we dated in fifth grade for over a year and had a little romance in 7th grade, we are now 18 and 19 and things have been great, is it weird if instead of her changing her last name to mine when we get married if i changed mine

Weird? No. But my guess is that it’ll be only the first of many objections you’ll hear from your parents. OK, perhaps not the first.

How do I know when someone has died?

Lack of a pulse is usually a good indication.

we have three-time share that I hot able to use disablities and money how can Iget out of them !still own 5,500 on one

I’ll readily admit that I’m not the best resource for real estate advice. But three timeshares seems a tad excessive to begin with.

how many universities are in California?

and then a follow up (apparently to the auto-response acknowledgement):

than forget it you can’t find how many universities are in California your  useless to me. good by

Well, I will say that it’s pretty clear education is what you desperately need. University might be overshooting the mark right now. I suggest you start with something more achievable.

is the Miami heat a good team

Yes! They’re the best hockey team I know.

Watched this morning where how to improve hair thinning, can,t remember the name of product that improves growth

You want to improve the growth of your … hair? Darn. For just about anything else, check your spam folder.

Hi leo this is Niall

Long time follower, first time caller, or umm blogger?
ahh whatever,

Anyway my question is this

Would you rather

A. Have sex with a goat and nobody know


B. Don’t have sex with a goat but have everyone thinks you did,

i know i know, its a tough one

Look forward to reading your response!


Hi Niall! Yes.

When will the economy get better? I know you said it goes in cycles(Not the web), in an earlier question, but as I go online, I am still seeing remarks and news about the rough economy, bad economy, etc. It still does not feel like 1984, the good old times. What will a $15 minimum wage do to this country in your opinion. Nobody says where this extra money will come from.

The economy will get better just after I’ve placed bets and made investments based on it getting worse. As for where the money comes from, it appears that most are counting on development of that fabled money tree. I’m not holding my breath.

What would you recommend for a person to colour their hair if they are allergic to ppd, What hair dye type can I use, the reason I ask is if it contains ppd I get an allergic reaction, break out in a rash, itchiness and very painful. I have looked all over, I just can’t find anything please can you help, it would mean so much to me and give me a better way of life.

Unless your hair is naturally fluorescent, I’d vote against bathing your head and hair in any chemicals. OK, other than shampoo and water. Please.

how can I fix my too spicy bbq sauce so that it doesn’t hurt the kids’ mouths? thanks so much for your help

Stop feeding it to the kids?

So fiddling with my computer the other day I noticed the balls were not enabled on Windows 8 Pro and it seemed like they really need to be enabled so with that. How would I go about enabling the balls in Windows? Can it be done? The balls have not been enabled in quite such time vs. Windoge 8 Beta and Windoge 8.1 Preview and it is really starting to throw me off as when the balls are not enabled windows gives me the message “Windows has detected your mouse has moved, Would you like to restart?” And in the box I am presented with two buttons “Yes” and “Ok”. So with this problem occurring I have bought 80 different mice since the balls are not enabled. Even after buying the 70th mouse I was given the same problem so I bought 200 different mouse pads and the problem still arises. I just want my computer to be fixed, it is non sense that Windows does not have the balls pre-enabled and Microsoft needs to be fixing these types of things. But all in all, at least I have 80 mice and 200 mouse pads lying around.

P.S. Is there anyway I could find the right driver for my USB Pet Rock? I am unable to install it and unlock its inner stoning potential.

Mouse balls are perhaps the oldest and most worn-out joke on the internet. Do better next year.

Thank you everyone for another year of support for Ask Leo!. I am, as always, truly grateful and honored by the response to what I do.

Just a reminder that I’ve been doing these round-ups annually – you’ll find prior ones here.

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  1. Agreed potential is so amazing. Just saw Imatation game. Turing was so mismanaged. Like Buddy Holly ….who know what heights they could of achieved. The weirdness factor going down does not mean there is less weirdness…. just can’t be frank like in the ole AOL chatrooms . But I did do something to advance the weirdness. After spending hours with Seagate on saving one of their older disks, I had to call Dell tech support because my wifi wouldn’t hook up (ended up resetting). Anyway I got India tech support and while there English is good….the culture is different….so when I asked what do I do with the footswitch that came with the computer, they had no clue. eh eh Sometimes a chance to weird out is a chance to educate, IMHO> Lawson di RansomCanyon

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