Chester (Brookehaven on Second Thought)
18-Apr-2007 – 12-Aug-2020

Chester the log dog
Chester the log dog

In 2011 we got a call from our breeder that, for reasons unrelated to the dog, she’d had one responsibly returned. The catch was that this was the son of one of our other dogs, Dagmar. It was an opportunity she wanted to offer to us first.

Chester as a Puppy
Chester as a Puppy

What we didn’t realize is that we’d actually met years before. On a visit to the breeder’s home in 2007 I even took a snapshot of a little black and white potato. Little did we know.

We got him with the expectation that our older dog — Helen — might not be with us for much longer. In true Helen-fashion she had other ideas and the next year and a half were “full”, to say the least, having four dogs.

Chester loved to travel. He was the one that just loved to go somewhere, anywhere, even if it was just a drive around and back home. He even enjoyed trips to the vet.

He enjoyed our beach RV trips in particular. Perhaps a little too much, though? The x-ray in the slide show below was a souvenir of a beach trip where we discovered Chester’s love of crab — particularly crab shells (we believe) — and the negative impact they had on his guts.

Chester was our bed-lump. From day one almost every night he took up residence at the foot of our bed — though on most nights he needed to carry one of my shoes around for a bit first. No chewing, just carrying. Sometimes it was even a “two-shoe night”. He was often the last dog we’d see at night, and the first to happily greet us in the morning, followed by rolling around on one of the dog beds while we got dressed.

He was, indeed, a happy dog. Happy to be around people, happy to travel, happy to greet other dogs, happy to eat (of course), and happy to just hang with his people. We sometimes referred to him as having an “excess of personality”. It was a good, happy, personality, overall.

In the end multiple things conspired against Chester’s health. He developed Cushing’s, as well as some kind of IBD, and there are indications he might also have been moving into kidney failure. We were working on his complex treatment regimen, when he took a turn for the worse that forced us to make the final decision.

They’re never with us long enough, and that’s particularly true of Chester.

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  1. Awwww, I’m so sorry. Obviously he was a love-bug and will be sorely missed. Hugs and corgi kisses from Ginnie and Toby.

  2. So sorry. It is a huge sadness and hole when they leave. I lost my little girl, only 6 1/2 in April, and am struggling. I am glad you had him as long as you did. You said it correctly, never long enough. My thoughts to you and Chester. Marlece

  3. I’m very sorry to read this. It always hurts. We lost Meco June 2 this year. We still have Velvet but she has lymphoma. Both are 12 years. Chester was a great happy guy like out Meco. They really take over your life for fun! Hope you and Kathy receive comfort from all the memories…
    Sue J. in NJ

  4. Chester was certainly one of a kind, and I have great memories of him to last me. Always loved how you wound him up and then he would race around the family room at top speed. Such a silly, happy boy.

  5. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Chester looks like a real character and a happy, loving family member. They sure do wrap themselves around our hearts.

  6. So sorry to read this. I wish you peace and ❤️ My own corgi will turn 13 this month and was recently dx’d with Cushing’s too. Such an awful disease.

  7. I am so very sorry to hear about Chester crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Making the decision to let a fur kid go is a huge responsibility and I know your heart is broken. It sounds like he lived life to the fullest and brought everyone along for the ride.

  8. Beautiful, happy dog. It’s so hard when they leave us, even when it’s time.

    – Esther and Cullyn (with Pippin, Penna, and Toby on silent paws)

  9. I had forgotten that Chester was the one who ate the crab shells! That was so scary and such a cautionary tale to me. I always tell friends about that when at the beach and their dogs are running and sniffing at all the debris washed up. No crab shells! Love the photos and it was so lucky you snapped that one when he was a puppy. Thinking of you both.

  10. They surely do let paw prints. Of course I remember them all ….. perhaps it’s my own age. I lost Cory Boy 2.5 years ago and I still call him every night to come in. He always waited for me to finish the barn work. When he missed me he’d run around the house to the front door & wait there. Yes this was the rescue, the “biter dog” I took under my wing. He was 14.4 years old when he passed suddenly.

    So very sorry you lost your boy Chester. He was loved and now can run free.

    Joey is now 12 and Kali is 11 Oh my…..

    At the bridge Pageant 16, Brandy Buck 13, Casey 15, Lucy 13.5, Cory 14.4


  11. Chester was such a handsome guy and so obviously full of life. I know he will be greatly missed. You are so right about them never being with us long enough. Thank you for sharing this tribute with us.

    Connie and Finn

  12. What a sweet boy. He will be so missed. Thanks for the stories.

    Jill and Shawnee, Rufus at the bridge, and also strongly missed!

  13. Chester looks like a male of great strength of character. A confident fellow who enjoyed every bit of gusto life had to offer him. I’m sorry for your loss and know your pain. I lost what sounds like his female counterpart in March. “Excess personality” is a brilliant description of remembrance.

    Thank you for sharing his life with us…

  14. I am so sorry Leo. I have been on CorgiL for many years and enjoyed reading about your Corgi picnics. He sure was handsome!

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