10th Anniversary Randomness

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Ask Leo!

What a long, strange, trip it’s been.

Made stranger by some of the questions I get. 🙂

Here’s this year’s collection of the odd, the strange, the goofy … the “WTF?” questions I regularly get, exactly as they were asked – and the answers I’d love to give.

For what it’s worth, this year the “wierdness rate” has decreased – not sure why. There weren’t quite as many to choose from. Perhaps people are getting smarter. Perhaps overall traffic to Ask Leo! was down this year. However it does seem like this years smaller batch includes some who tried extra hard at being … odd.

My question is a little unfair being only culturally associated with the speciality you so worthily enguage within, my observation is not your mainstream pursuit. Nethertheless the symbiotic relationship twixt the two is something I am sure you would find en-chanting and illuminating assuredly so. I am a septuagenArian careworn by the artifices of life I have lived and learned, lost and found vice versa but the premise of my presience is still intellectually superlative and fascinatingly relevant to the situation we find ourselves encounteringthe obstructions that arbitrarily diminish and constrict the realm of our everyday lives. Why believe in belief to beleave – why trust in trust alone, it is a kind of death to accept the multitiude of platitudes we are given as being relative to what we are told is – The Truth…… .The lessons we have been given have been artificially manufactured for aeons and now we find ourselves no nearer any truth than when we first came down from the trees and began to wonder across the plains. “Software?????????” – pulls the other leg.

A leg is definitely getting pulled, that much I can tell you.

at 35 or 40 M feet is it possible not to see vapor trails if conditions are

Yes, but only if conditions are.

Is it safe to drink the water in Thailand

The Thai’s have been doing it for years.

Dear Leo i dont know how old you are mate or how long you have looked like a young Richard Branson but when are you going to stop going on about your bloody back-ups? I bet even on your wedding night your missus emerged from the bathroom, silk underwear,smelling of Yves st Laurent Passion and whispered “Im feeling rather tired Leo i had better slip into bed” with a saucy grin on her face. And you said “Ok my little munchkin pie vol-en-vent i will be half an hour im just going to back-up!! Thanks a lot Hubby. And even when you are stuck in some sort of traffic jam the bloke in front of you waves his hand and says” Can you reverse please mate? Come on, back-up back-up” And you wind down ya window and shout “The quicker YOU get out the way the quicker I can get home AND back-up” Tell you what Leo, you get my back up i can tell ya. Apart from that, carry on with the good work mate i enjoy ya newsletter.

I would never refer to my wife as “munchkin”.

I have window 7 and excel . I have 18 men playing on 3 courts 4 to a court. 27 weeks each must play with each person. each must play 2 weeks on 1 week off. each must play on court 1 and 2 and 3 the same number of times and each must be off the same number of times Is there a formula for such a thing . please as i need to do this schedule.

I never did like word problems in school. Good luck with your homework.

I want to make my own OS . Before doing so I am learning the Windows system so that I can edit my setup files according to my needs .

Good luck with that! (Both the making and the learning.)

Well,i apreciate your WORK …NOT much “others”gaining” 10000 Dolars a day !! Look LEO …When YOU have time,please i would like to know what,precisely, you think about the “PiPa”-protect IP act,the American ID citizen card,and as about RFID technology implementation …. And,consider the next future applications in the “HEALTH (American) SYSTEM”,negatively ! ! An example,only. As the same financial CRASH with the “subprime”. So,in which presidential candidate you will vote ? Dont forget,you must consider to (have) access the “CIA” specialized department …to improve your “social network”. I must say to you,if in the future things go to “the MATRIX”-WEBGENOMA “INSTITUTIONALIZED” for virtual COPS with NO SOUL,since NOW,ive been made my choices … In TIME,I think ! ! WE really DONT know,honestly,how much (we) have from “cops”,do we ? Or simply … citizens of the WORLD ! !

Um… yeah… OK. What was the question again? (Oh, and $10,000 a day? I WISH!)

I have been told that if I use an air gun to nail in kiln dried 2 x 4’s that it will split them open. Is this true. I really don’t like to keep hammering every nail.

The only hammering I’m familiar with is hammering a computer keyboard, like I’m doing now. Oh, and getting hammered, like it seems perhaps you were when you submitted this question to a computer Q&A site?

Are you a latin scholar Leo ?


I want to work in one project. I really don’t know how to start the project . Project details like this. i have to make Remote Control for coins which will stop coins on fix side. Example : i have 4 coins. Each coins have one side head and other side cat . Now When i drop 4 coins from 4 fit hight, coins should be in same side which i want. like if i want 2 head and 2 cat than 2 coins should be hold on head side and 2 coins cat side. if i press for 4 cat . than 4 coins should be hold no cat side. how can i make this Please help me .

The only remote control for coins that I know of are the ones that somehow magically remove them from my pocket without my noticing.

What is Human Resources Management, how can I pass through to get the notes?

Human Resources Management is the practice that, when done right, ensures that people who don’t know how or where to do research end up in fast-food jobs.

Suzanne just told me that Nolan will give us car at airport. I’m sure he’ll give us directions to his ranch, but please keep your cell phone on in case we have difficulty finding it. Please let me know how many people you expect. It helps me prepare.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting you at all.

Thank you everyone for another year … and now a decade … of support for Ask Leo!. I am, as always, truly grateful and honored by the response to what I do.

Even the weird response. 🙂

I’ve been doing these round-ups annually – you’ll find prior ones here.

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  1. First, hearty congrats on your major milestone.

    Second, you have WEIRD readers! I mean, my site is ABOUT weird and stupid things, and my mail isn’t even a quarter as bizarre as yours. So, congrats on not letting them drive you bonkers. (/assumption)

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