Having An Audience


As I close in on the end of my sixty days of gratitude, one of the themes that’s become apparent is that many of the items I’ve identified are things we often take for granted.

I don’t want to take you for granted.

That I can say I have an audience is both frightening, and humbling. And I’m very grateful that I can say it.

If you’ve strung along for all, or even just a part, of these sixty days of self-absorption (OK, 58 so far), I want to thank you for being here.

If you’re an Ask Leo! reader, a HeroicStories or Not All News Is Bad¬†subscriber, or if you’re a friend or family member who’s just dropping in to see what I’ve been up to on social media … thank you for being here.

That my words might be read is a responsibility I never want to abuse and never want to take for granted.

I hope that you’re finding whatever it is you were looking for that brought you to me, and I welcome you to keep in touch.

That you’re even reading this silly page amazes and humbles me no end.

Thank you.

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