Thick Skin Required

Had someone call me an idiot and a moron yesterday for my Galaxy Note 7 piece. (Don’t look for it in the comments, it was an emailed reply.) Apparently he had a beef with Samsung.


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Why Public?


One of the first questions I asked myself about doing this whole daily thing is “why make it public”? Why am I doing this on a public blog where anyone can come along and read … and judge? Because of course judge, they will. A couple of reasons came to mind.

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An Exercise in Focus, Writing, and Gratitude

Row of Stones in Water

In 321 days I’ll turn 60. One of those arbitrary, round-number birthdays (though a friend often argues our “real” birthday’s are 280 days earlier). Nine years ago I did a “what I believe” post on my 50th, and I kind of expect to do the same again. Between then and now I want to model one […]

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This was never the goal….


This was never the goal, but when it became clear that it was within reach, it became a “stretch goal”. I wanted to be able to say I’d lost 70lbs. 256 to 186. Over a quarter of my max body weight. It’s interesting – there have been several stops along the way on this journey. […]

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Lucky 13

As I do each year about this time, in honor of the anniversary of Ask Leo!, it’s time to share the weird, the odd, and the sometimes funny questions that I get. However this year I have a dilemma! So few to share? Traffic’s steady (Ask Leo! gets ~1,000,000 visitors each month), and there’s no […]

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Today’s Amazement and Wonder


As you may or may not know, my parents were immigrants, arriving first in Canada after leaving The Netherlands, and then settling here in the United States just a few years later. With all relatives nearly 5,000 miles to the east, communication consisted primarily of hand-written letters that took anywhere from a week to ten […]

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