This was never the goal….

This was never the goal, but when it became clear that it was within reach, it became a “stretch goal”.


I wanted to be able to say I’d lost 70lbs.

256 to 186. Over a quarter of my max body weight.

It’s interesting – there have been several stops along the way on this journey.

Several years ago Kathy asked me to lose weight. Back then I was in strict denial and thought that I was who and what I was, and that even reaching something like 220 was simply unrealistic.

I’ve already talked about how I made the decision and the results. The goal, then, was simply “around 200”, thinking that a 10lb-wide bell curve centered on 205 would be a nice place to live.

I crossed 200 and, while I nudged it a time or two thereafter, I never really looked back. My goal then became a bell curve centered at 195. Kathy actually asked me not to hit 190 because the change seemed too extreme.

So I waited a year. Not with any intention of going further, just with the intention of maintaining. As I did so my frame adjusted, as did our perception, and one day I was able to say “this is 190, how does it look?”. It didn’t look bad. More importantly it did not look unhealthy.

Health, not some arbitrary number, is the goal, after all.

So, I thought to myself … “I wonder?”. So, slowly, I went for it, and this morning, two and a half years after starting this little adventure, 186 (naked, just as I had first reached 200 🙂 ).

That’s it. I’m done. I’ve satisfied myself with what I can do. I’ll probably shoot for that bell curve centered at 190, but even if it slips up a tad I won’t be too concerned. I know how to handle this.

For me, anything under 200 feels healthy.


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