Truth, Facts and Opinions

Sheldon: But evolution is not opinion, it’s a fact.

Sheldon’s mom: And that is your opinion.

– Big Bang Theory

Nothing sums up the current political environment to me more than that quote.

I think everyone would agree that facts are facts. They are invariant, objective  laws of the universe, subject to scrutiny and unchanging based on who’s doing the scrutinizing.

Until, it appears, you happen to disagree with a fact.

As we race headlong into this years presidential election, “facts” are being quoted right and left.

And some “facts” are at complete odds with other “facts”.

Since we know that two facts, two truths, cannot be in direct opposition with each other, one, or possibly both of them, must be wrong. Perhaps they’re both opinions, but in any case they cannot both be facts.

The true “fact” is whichever one you happen to believe is true.

Regardless of whether objectively it’s true or not.

And that’s political campaigning in a nutshell.