Cleaning out a desk drawer I stumbled onto one of these:

Intel MCS-86 Assembly Language Reference Guide

Back in the day this was my pocket bible. Microsoft Cobol on the
8086 was in assembly language, and we counted clock cycles to squeeze
every ounce out of the machine. I had most of ’em memorized.

Between processor complexity and teaching mostly only higher level programming languages, I
expect most current programmers to never know what a clock cycle even is.

Processor Architecture:

Intel MCS-86 Processor Architecture

Addressing and Instructions:

Intel MCS-86 Addressing and Instructions

From valued tool to keepsake and reminder of a “simpler” time.

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  1. A keepsake like this could be sold on e-bay, I thought of selling my first slide rule that way, but discovered I’d given it away 45 years ago when I first got a HP calculator (with red LED display!)

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